Syros Sailing Day Trips


Finmar 36 - 11,00m

Your Dream Syros Sailing Adventure Starts with Arkanamarin

Forget crowded tourist boats and packed beaches. Are you ready for a truly unique Aegean adventure? A day filled with sun-kissed exploration, delicious food, and memories that will last a lifetime? Arkanamarin Daily Charters invites you to set sail and discover the hidden treasures of Syros, all tailored to your perfect island day.

Guests: 9 (Day Trips)

2 Cabins

1 Toilets


If you’re looking for complete privacy while diving in crystal clear blue waters, we’ve got you covered. We provide masks and flippers to ensure you enjoy your diving experience to the fullest.

Additionally, we include a scrumptious complimentary meal that consists of two different fresh salads, pasta with mussels, a side dish, and fresh fruits. You can also choose from a selection of wine, beer, and water to quench your thirst.

Your Dream Day on the Aegean Sea

Uncover Syros' hidden gems

Tailored experiences just for you

Dive into crystal-clear waters

Imagine sailing into secluded coves with sparkling turquoise water. Stepping onto pristine beaches only accessible by boat. And indulging in a taste of true Aegean cuisine… all while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Cyclades. That’s the kind of day we’ll create together!

The Arkanamarin Sailing Experience

Your adventure begins aboard our comfortable Finmar 36 sailboat. We’ll chart a course that takes you to Syros’ most stunning gems:

  • The enchanting Agios Stefanos cave chapel
  • The secluded paradise of Varvarousa beach
  • The breathtaking tranquility of Grammata Beach

And of course, there will be ample opportunity to dive into the crystal-clear Aegean waters!

The Greek Food Experience:
A Taste of the Aegean

We believe a perfect day at sea needs delicious food. That’s why our day charters include a mouthwatering Greek food experience. Savor fresh salads, succulent pasta with mussels, juicy fruits, and of course, local wine and beer. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a cultural immersion.

The Perfect Day Trip For…

  • Adventurous Groups: Bond with friends over shared experiences and unforgettable scenery.
  • Intrepid Explorers: Discover breathtaking hideaways far from the crowds.
  • Foodie Travelers: Indulge in authentic Mediterranean flavors onboard.

What to Expect on Your Syros Sailing Adventure

Departure: Foinikas marina at 11:00 am

Exploration: Secret beaches and iconic landmarks

Relaxation: Sunbathe, swim, and snorkel to your heart’s content

Feast: Enjoy a delicious Greek meal with refreshing drinks



We provide diving masks and flippers for those who seek absolute privacy while diving in clear blue waters. We also offer a complimentary meal consisting of two different fresh salads, pasta with mussels, a side dish, fresh fruits, wine, beer, and water.

Meeting Point

We will start the sailing trip from Foinikas Marina at 11:00 am.

Cave Exploration

We will visit Ag. Stefanos, a small catholic chapel built inside a cave just above the sea.

Secret Spot 1

After that, we will take a short swim at Varvarousa beach, a beautiful deserted beach ideal for eclectic travelers. We will spend approximately an hour there.

Secret Spot 2

Next, we will head to Grammata, a quiet and secluded beach in the north of Syros, which is accessible by sea or hiking trails. This beach is ideal for travelers who want to enjoy complete freedom under the tamarisk trees along the coast. We will spend the rest of the day at this beach, where you can swim in the emerald waters and relax.

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