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Gib Sea 472 - 14,20m

Arsinoe Sailing Yacht

The Arsinoe Sailing Yacht:
Your Aegean Adventure Awaits

Have you dreamed of sailing on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean, with the wind in your hair, and the sun warming your skin? The Arsinoe Sailing Yacht is ready to make those dreams a reality. Whether you yearn for a romantic escape, an exciting family adventure, or simply want to unwind in luxurious style, Arsinoe is your gateway to the best the Cyclades Islands have to offer.

5 Cabins

8 Berths

2 Toilets


A full set of bed sheets and bath towels are offered on the boat. There are also snorkels an masks for a some exploration of the seabed if you feel like doing so. Fuel cost and Skipper is also included in our price.

Experience the Cyclades Islands in Style

Tailor-made cruises for unforgettable moments

Day and weekly charters are available

Explore Syros or island-hop to the Cyclades

Cruise Starting point: any Cycladic Island

Imagine designing your ideal itinerary. Do you want to spend lazy days on the beaches of Syros? Or perhaps island hopping is more your thing, exploring the charming villages and hidden coves of this island chain? With the Arsinoe, your wish is our command. Our tailor-made cruises and flexible day or weekly charters put you in the captain’s seat.

It's Not Just sailing; It's an Aegean Experience

  • Authentic Greek food experience (for day charters)
  • Intimate, cultural immersion
  • Beyond a simple boat trip

For those opting for our day charters, get ready for an unforgettable Greek food experience! We’ll treat you to a delicious Mediterranean menu made with the freshest ingredients. Think traditional seafood, crisp salads, summer fruits, and of course, delicious Greek wine. It’s a feast for the senses, designed to immerse you in the vibrant culture of the Aegean.

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